Lubwisi NT celebration

The Babwisi live in Bundibugyo District in southwestern Uganda and across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They call their language Lubwisi. In DRC the language is called Kitalinga.

Quick facts:

Population: 101,000 (2014)

Location: Bundibugyo District

Language family: Niger-Congo > Bantu > Nyoro-Ganda (JE10)

Read about Lubwisi [tlj] on the Ethnologue website

Lubwisi locationLubwisi is predominantly spoken in Bundibugyo district (area shaded red).

Some background information

SIL has been supporting language development among the Babwisi since 1992. Early work included developing an orthography and literacy materials. Rebel activity in the area interrupted the work from 1997-2000, but Bible translation work finally began in 2000.

The first books of the Bible to be published in Lubwisi were Jonah and the Gospel of Mark. Many other books and materials in Lubwisi have also been published, including readers, traditional stories, Bible study guides and a dictionary. Literacy and Scripture engagement workers continue to promote mother tongue literacy and encourage the reading and application of Scriptures through workshops carried out among Lubwisi speakers on both sides of the Uganda-Congo border.

The New Testament in Lubwisi was published and launched in 2016. The Old Testament is currently in progress. SIL supports the Bwisi community to develop their language by providing training, consulting, and assistance with the publishing process.

Some available resources

Lubwisi NT copies


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