Uganda Language consultants

With many unique goals, resources and stakeholders, good management is essential to the effectiveness of any language development programme.

SIL seeks to enlarge a community's own capacity to manage language development. This involves fostering participation among many invested groups, including government, educational institutions, religious organisations, and more. It involves training members of the community for various roles — including language project management. It also involves securing vital resources which can help to sustain key programme activities.

SIL's Language Programme Managers (LPMs) consult with our language project teams, the community, and other partners as they plan and implement projects which contribute to their shared goals.
SIL Uganda is an active partner in language development projects serving several communities, including:
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1.  Aringa
2.  Kwamba
3.  Lubwisi
4.  Lugungu
5.  Lugwere
6.  Lunyole
8.  Ndrulo
10.  Thur


Uganda Lang regions